Friday, July 30, 2010

Experience the Gold Rush in Yukon

Yukon is a province located in the north of British Columbia and is a neighbor of Alaska to the west and the North West territories to the east. Yukon was the eleventh province to join with the country of Canada. You probably know Yukon for the Klondike Gold Rush that happens in the 1890s. Even today, some people still believe that the rivers up there still contain some valuable golds. This province is famous for its beautiful landscape, from fresh water lakes inside the forest to the snow-covered mountains. If you are a hiker then this is a must place to visit. Hiking through all those mountains and watching all the wild creatures is amazing. You could go catch some fish in the rivers and lakes. Or just rafting on some of the rivers. It will be something that you will never forgot. Yukon's main industry is gold mining. There are lot of mining industry that still operating until today. The next biggest industry in Yukon is tourism. A lot of people from all around the world come to this wonderful place to see these great mines. Some people also interested to take the tour along the river where the Klondike Gold Rush occurred back in the 1890s. Klondike Gold Rush is such an awesome history, so prepare to learn a lot and experience the wonderful Klondike Gold Rush when you visit Yukon.