Friday, July 30, 2010

An Introduction to the Amazing Poconos

Pocono is a region populated by mostly Native-American Indians, Pocono itself means "the stream located between two mountains", and it is true, since the Delaware River flow between the two mountains.
The history of the Poconos came back from the 1800s where some of the first travelers stayed at boarding houses located close to the riverside. Soon Philadelphians and the New Yorkers  made the Poconos their tiny runaway spot for vacationing with their family members during the summertime by the lakes located down to the mountain. Even the soldiers who engaged in the World War II were said to have gone to the Poconos to have a rest and get relaxation before engaging war overseas.

The Pocono have become a favorite vacation spot that some families made it as their second home, just so that they can enjoy all the scenery the mountains resort has to offer. A vacation to the Poconos is anbreak from the boring monotony of daily activities. The region is built up with major shopping malls and franchise restaurants, without sacrificing the beautiful nature that the resort has become associated with. Anytime it comes to having a good time there, anyone who visit have lots to choose from, adventurous activities such as horseback riding, bird watching, wildlife, kayaking, fishing, horseback riding and even golfing.

Most of the visitors of the Poconos are amazed by skiing down the mountains on the winter. The Poconos have four-season weather but some nighttime are somewhat colder than during the daytime, even around summer and spring. The cool, fresh breeze though, is way more than relaxing, especially for those who vacate their 70-plus degree weather on the summer.

And if those exciting outdoor activities doesn't make you interested, there are some local breweries and wineries that you can visit, or perhaps taking a tour to an antique shopping and art museum.